Rollei Bike Mount (ook voor GoPro geschikt)


Een bike mount van Rollei voor alle action cams en camera’s met een 1/4 inch schroefdraai aansluiting. Geschikt voor stangen met een diameter tussen de 1.9 en 3.5 cm.

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Recording one’s bicycling adventures while traversing difficult terrain has always been a challenge. Hobbyists have been looking for a hands-free solution which is able to provide superior levels of stability while being able to stand up to the harshest of conditions. Thanks to modern technology, this GoPro Bike Mount has taken the guesswork out of capturing even the most difficult of shots. As the name already hints, this device is suitable for use with most GoPro camera models. Please note that it may not support other brands. What are some of the unique features of this unit?

A Look at the GoPro Bike Mount

This mounting device is quite flexible in regards to where it can be attached and some of the most common areas will include:
•    Poles
•    Handlebars
•    Seat tube bars

This can enable the user to enjoy an unobstructed view on many different types of bicycles. Additionally, a firm locking mechanism will keep the mount firmly in place while the three-way swivel can be adjusted to numerous different positions. As it is able to accommodate diameters of between 1.9 and 3.5 centimetres, the mount can be fastened to a number of different bicycles. Its streamlined construction and solid black finish are capable of standing up to even the harshest of environmental conditions; a priority when out and about for long periods of time in nature.

This GoPro Bike Mount is one of the many quality products that are offered through Rollei. It is ideal for activities ranging from urban races to the most gruelling of off-road excursions. For anyone who has been looking for an excellent and effective means to record their latest adventure, this bicycle mount is an ideal option and will not disappoint.


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